Oct 2007

Autism has been my main topic of conversation with people lately. So many people are talking about it. I am sure the fact that Alexis is autistic means that I will hear more random stories about Autism; either way it’s being discussed more than ever. One thing I have been thinking a lot about is…

…since the diagnosis of Autism is rapidly becoming one of the biggest epedemics…why aren’t families getting more answers about treatment. I am so amazed by the various information I get from other families dealing with Autism, all over the world. Of course the behaviors of the Autistic person in their life varys greatly so everyone gets a different suggestions/approval for treatment from thier doctor. I want to know what the best route is for Alexis other than the ABA therapy that we can’t afford, and I want more answers, I feel like we are never being given enough answers.

Alexis was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Dec of 2006 we were told that ABA therapy was the best option for her, but we simply can’t afford to send her to the centers in our area because they do not accept health insurance & the fee is simply outragious… so now what? Is the public school system the best option? Now with this whole ‘6 year old criminally charged for hitting and kicking a school teacher’ deal, I find myself wondering if the public school is the appropriate approach to helping Alexis learn…are the schools capable of dealing with the violent behavior of Autistic children?

Are the alternative methods that so many parents are finding to work- worth dipping into again? We tried the Casien Free / Gluten Free diet and it proved to be a very difficult lifestyle for us.

We also tried the high dosae of B vitamins with DMG treatment and helped with her behavior and focus in my opinion, but Keith and I had our different opinions on this one.

We also did vital-sounds treatment and did not find any success so asked her therapist to stop with it.

These are only a few of the many alternative methods we have tried and I am constanly reading about new methods. Dr. Rimland has become an Autism expert icon to me.

It sounds as if I am trying to change her, but I am not, I just know that there is more inside of her that she is struggling to get out.

I do feel very confident with Alexis’ new school and they seem so genuine, but I always feel like she needs more treatment than she is getting and want to be sure that what we are doing is the right thing…

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