Dec 2007

She has been struggling so much lately trying to get words out. I can tell that she has so much to tell us, it’s just not that easy for her. She is writing a lot more and typing often but it’s all gotten so repetitive at this point almost obsessive, for example she types to 900 (& above sometimes) over and over I can’t get her to type to me much otherwise. After we found out at 18 months that she could type, we thought it would be a great tool to communicate with, so we got her a program that talks out what you type… instead she just types numbers. She LOVES typing numbers, but I really hope for some solid communication someday.

She babbled very little as an infant and lost all language that she had at about 16 months and is just starting to get very minimal language back again now at age 5.

I don’t want to CHANGE my daughter’s personality, I just want to make things better for her so she can live a better life! I want her to tell me when something hurts, she feels ill or how something makes her feel.

I don’t want a new daughter, I just do not want to feel so guilty for thinking about what it would be like if she wasn’t so different.

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