Sept 2007

Alexis and Cadence started school today. Alexis started Kindergarten and Cadence started pre-school. They both did well and had a fun time.

Alexis seems to be adjusting well to her new school. I asked her teacher if she is sure that being in a mainstream class is the best thing for Alexis and she thinks that it is. I am not sure if I like the fact that she is the only autistc child in her class. I don’t want her to be a distruption for the other students and I want to be sure that this is the best enviroment for her to learn. She has a Special Ed para that works with her on the lessons and she seems to be doing just fine. Her teacher is going to have a para talk to the other students about special ed, that should help them to understand a little. Alexis has made a lot of progress at home since school started so I am confident that she is learning, I just always have some part of me that thinks she should be in a “special ed classroom” to learn the things that the other kids already know before she is mainstreamed. I hope to find that she can do just fine in the regular class.

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