Halloween 2019

I really like the aesthetic of Halloween, I am such a curious fanatic of the dark and morbid things we experience in life.  I think appreciating the shocking and darker things we all inevitably have to deal with in life makes me feel more alive- not sure why – but I embrace it. The girls are all grown up now, they didn’t feel as into the hype of Halloween at this point in their lives, well at least not like they used to.  Regardless of my kids not wanting to participate this year, I still felt the need to pull out my devil horns and tail LOL.  I didn’t spend the holiday serving drinks to half-dressed Harley Quinns and Donald Trump masked males hiding behind an orange mask to portrait our current president so they could feel more comfortable saying very uncomfortable things, also while filling my tip jar.   Irony…

I feel like I am missing out on the tips…THAT money… THAT CASH $$$- The bar industry is a trap for some of us, yet that is what I have found a career in.  The PROS and CONS list of being a bartender is a complicated one.  Halloween is a big bar night and typically where I would find myself working late nights to serve the ghosts and goblins, I work days now though and have the night off to try a different experience of Halloween this year. In the bar industry Halloween is often celebrated more than once if it doesn’t happen to fall on a weekend and I feel doubly left out being the “day bartender”

Seeing Halloween from behind the door this year and waiting for the neighboring kids to arrive, I did enjoy it , I  felt fulfilled in a similar way as I would serving people. I gave out many goodies and enjoyed seeing all of the creative costumes. I was very happy to see my neighbor and her doggy “Lady Bug”. I spent the evening inside the porch waiting for trick or treators while I listened to Marilyn Manson’s “This is Halloween” on repeat.  While I am a little bummed that my kids are growing out of the spirit, I feel like this is simply a transition period and they may someday enjoy Halloween more when they are older and see it from another side as well.  

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