Grandpa Moves Into an Apartment

My Grandpa has moved into an apartment after living in his home for nearly 50 years (1971-2019). We went up north to visit him and say goodbye to the house. It was odd seeing it empty.   I did get a little teary-eyed saying good-bye, not gonna lie.  

I have so many wonderful memories there that I will cherish forever! Throughout the years we celebrated a lot in those walls- many holidays, birthdays, life successes and honored lives of those we have lost. My Grandma spent hours baking cakes and quilting in this home, she made over 100 blankets that she donated to Lutheran World Relief, that were shipped overseas to those in need. There was never a time you would walk into their home without it smelling like freshly baked goods.  At Christmas time the presents would always be piled up so high, it was like we were walking into Santas lair.  Growing up the Christmas celebrations there were very filled with traditions of Norwegian descent, making for memories that I will always cherish.

My Grandma passed away in her home in August of 2012 – what a very sad day that was.  My parents were out of the country on a trip together in Canada they do annually, a trip that 3 of my grandmother’s children were on with their spouses as well. My cousin got a hold of everyone and we eventually we were able to gather everyone into one state and eventually at the house where we could mourn together. We lost a really special lady that day.  I miss her so much. It makes seeing the house for one last time that much more bittersweet.

Grandpa’s new apartment is really nice – I think he will like having a smaller place to maintain and I bet he will enjoy the perks of community living. As sad as it is to say goodbye to the house, the memories will never leave and new memories will be made.

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