The story behind eyelove808


I met Keith when I was young, my feelings for him were an actual story of love at first sight. I said to my best friend at the time (his sister) “I am going to marry that boy” and pointed to her brother. I know she probably thought ‘no way that was happening’, but I was certain. Back in the day – circa 1998, we had pagers to let one another know that you need to call a person back when you got near a phone, cell phones were not a thing. While most people would just send their phone numbers, I had my own unique way. My code was this sequence 8081371071, when a friend of mine saw this, they knew to call me. When the pager was turned upside down the pager screen display would appear like this: I LOVE BOB

Now you may be wondering why it would say I LOVE BOB instead of his actual name. Let me explain…

Way before Keith and I started dating I was just this timid wanna-be goth girl that lived next door to him. He probably thought I was rather extreme in my tremendous expressions of love towards him- which was later confirmed in life, but that is another blog entirely. He secretly knew I was captivated by him from the very first time I ever saw him. That fateful day when Keith was outside with several of his friends playing basketball- (one of which became a groomsman at our wedding in 2002). I spotted him!

I said over and over to everyone that I know that I was going to marry him. Keith’s sister and I were hanging out upstairs not long after, we were eating noodles -as we did and heard Keith coming home, his car had a loud system, it was apparent when he was near. I freaked out and pushed my plate of buttery noodles away. I couldn’t dare let him see me slurping on noodles. I could barely compose myself before he eventually came upstairs and saw me acting all gitty in his presence. He asked me if I had a crush on anyone, I think I might have turned brighter than a plum. He was so savvy and cute and amazing and charismatic and EVERYTHING- all of the things he is today at 42. I said back to him that I did indeed have a VERY OBVIOUS crush on someone. He replied “Oh yeah, what’s his name,” I said the first name that came to mind “BOB”! And that is where the story began.

eyelove808 has become a part of me in many ways, I have eyelove808 tattooed on me. It is written in Keith’s handwriting and is by far the most meaningful tattoo I have! The circular image above the tattoo is from one of my favorite musicals – the song “Origin of love” – Hedwig


My tattoo represents two halves that have been brought together by fate. It only made sense to brand myself and not only by skin. You may have noticed that all of my socials are branded with eyelove808 as well.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/eyelove808
Instagram: http://instagram.com/eyelove808
Tumblr: http://eyelove808.tumblr.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/eyelove808

The story of eyelove808 represents an eye that looks for a savior.

A love that is stronger than what life throws at us

Infinity is a figure eight on its side, it signifies the concept of limitlessness & eternity sometimes there is a void within this perfect plan but turns back around again and make an 8. Sometimes you have to be turned upside down to understand the eternal love.

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