Autism Walk – Team Ausome & UnstoppABLE

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Autism Speaks WALK

Today I participated in the Autism Speaks Minnesota Autism Walk with Alexis, my sister, my nieces and a couple of friends, in honor of:
Alexis, Maranda, Tony, Aaron & Sophie 

Team Ausome & UnstoppABLE

We raised over $300 for Autism Speaks & walked to advocate and take action for the diverse needs of the autism community.

The walk was at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, it is a very beautiful building- I had never been inside before.  Alexis really enjoyed seeing the Disney Princesses that were walking around and she also danced a little with a group of dancers.  Alexis’ friend that she met over the summer named Tony, also enjoyed seeing the Disney characters.  Alexis thought Tony was silly when he got his nails painted red with the girls.  It was a great time!


Ausome & UnstoppABLE

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6 thoughts on “Autism Walk – Team Ausome & UnstoppABLE

  1. What a great event! Well done for the money you were all able to raise, and from the pictures it does seem like everyone had a nice time (great idea for the princesses, love the sassy Tinkerbell haha)

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