30 Days No Alcohol Completed

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I have completed 30 days no alcohol.  I challenged myself for the month of September to not drink, it was actually a lot easier than I expected and I plan to stick with it.  Typically I would drink Keystone Light, I decided to try a couple different non-alcoholic beers and found that I like Busch NA the best.  My sister gave me her soda stream so I have been experimenting with making different sparkling beverages with that.  I really like carbonating a hibiscus and green tea combo or simply water with lemon juice- tastes just like Lemon LaCroix.  I am hoping by continuing to not drink I will lose a bit of weight. Non-alcoholic beer is half the calories and my soda stream concoctions have even fewer calories.  Over the past 30 days, I’ve noticed that my thoughts have been more clear and my anxiety has lessened greatly.  I have been keeping myself busy and find myself more motivated.  I am glad that I decided to quit drinking, I can now start my journey towards better health and spiritual exploration.  I would like to do more Yoga and cleanse my body of other toxins this month as well while exploring third eye possibilities through meditation.  Having a clear mind will help me learn more about chakras and different techniques for exploring my own mind. Hopefully, in a years time, I can really reflect and see how beneficial my decision to quit drinking has been.

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