Mansinthe is the signature brand of absinthe developed by Marilyn Manson. Contrary to popular belief Mansinthe does in fact contain thujone / wormwood, there is no ‘sans wormwood’ version. It was in non-consecutive development for two years before it’s launch on August 25, 2007. It is a distilled, highly alcoholic, anise-flavored spirit derived from

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Monroe Piercing

[youtube_sc url=””]   This piercing is typically fitted with a 14, 16, or 18 gauge labret,  the bars of which are usually shortened after healing. The lip can often swell considerably after the piercing and will need both facial and oral aftercare to keep both sides of the jewellery clean at all times. Monroes, like

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Dec 2007

She has been struggling so much lately trying to get words out. I can tell that she has so much to tell us, it’s just not that easy for her. She is writing a lot more and typing often but it’s all gotten so repetitive at this point almost obsessive, for example she types to

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Oct 2007

Autism has been my main topic of conversation with people lately. So many people are talking about it. I am sure the fact that Alexis is autistic means that I will hear more random stories about Autism; either way it’s being discussed more than ever. One thing I have been thinking a lot about is…

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Sept 2007

Alexis and Cadence started school today. Alexis started Kindergarten and Cadence started pre-school. They both did well and had a fun time. Alexis seems to be adjusting well to her new school. I asked her teacher if she is sure that being in a mainstream class is the best thing for Alexis and she thinks

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July 2007

Living with an Autistic child sometimes feels really lonely, it’s frustrating knowing you can’t live for even a moment worry free or stress free. It’s hard to explain to others what you go through each day.

May 18th 2007

My brother passed away earlier this evening. He helped me to be more understanding of special needs. RIP   [youtube_sc url=””]

May 2007

Alexis has been so ‘not with me’ the past few days. Keith and I are both stressed out beyond belief with her ‘fits’ Both the girls have been really hard on us. They both have been really mischievous and unable to be satisfied. Cadence is a really big handful these days. I think it should

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Later April 2007

Alexis had to get more X-rays and her leg. We will know the results next week. She seems to be all better, she is not limping anymore. She didn’t like being at the clinic any more than I did tho. Bleck

April 2007

April is Autism Awareness Month! Today Alexis got to go on a field trip with her Grandma (my mother) to the Children’s Museum. I had to train in at work so my mom agreed to take her, it gave my mom the opportunity to meet all of Alexis’ classmates and teachers, they had a blast.

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March 2007

Alexis has been much more verbal lately since we got the typing synthesizer on the computer for her. She actually verbalizes her words on occasion now. Mostly saying ‘more’ ‘no’ and ‘mama’ we are so proud of her. [youtube_sc url=””]