Christmas 2019 New Year 2020

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a WONDERFUL 2020!

We celebrated Christmas eve and day at home, we had a delicious vegan dinner Christmas eve. Christmas Dinner 🍽 included Fresh baked focaccia herb bread, 🥖 @the_tofurky_company ham loaf, 🚫 #crueltyfree 💯 mashed potatoes, and homemade pepper gravy, artisan bread from scratch, @daiyafoods mac and cheese, veggie seed salad and Welch’s sparkling grape juice. 🍷 It was so good, I was really impressed with the Tofurky ham, I hadn’t tried that before.

The girls opened presents on Christmas morning.

We got Cadence a Nintendo Switch Lite and Alexis got a new tablet and TV. They also got some other smaller items that they had on their lists. I am glad that they liked everything. We had a good relaxing Christmas and New Years.

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