Christmas Up North and Birthdays

We celebrated Christmas up North at my parents over the 4th and 5th of January. We had fun gathering with my sister, her husband, my nieces and my parents.

January 5th is a day of several birthdays, including my 37th. My niece Ivrie celebrates her birthday with me as well. Happy Birthday to her <3

I also celebrate my birthday with Marilyn Manson so to celebrate tomorrow I am going to be a guest on a friend’s podcast, with another friend who is ALSO a Jan 5th birthday guest. That is a lot of birthdays for one day! On the podcast we will be doing “Manson Monday” – I am excited about that. I made a playlist to play on the podcast out of my Facebook friends replies to an inquiry of their favorite Manson songs. It should be fun.

I love this festive MASHUP!

My Mom’s Birthday is coming up on January 10th, I love so many Capricorns. Happy Birthday to all and many more! <3

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