My 38th Birthday

Was reminded that I missed getting my usual birthday call from my Grandpa today when I got a spam call with the same area code. Maybe it was a sign that he is still thinking about me, just like my grandma gave me several years back on my birthday. 

Cadence, Grandpa, Alexis at his 90th Birthday 2019

I had a laid back day, the four of us played a game of Sorry – Alexis won. She has been getting into board games so that is exciting, she is competitive too. Keith got me a Nama cold-press juicer, I can’t wait to use it when it arrives. It can make nut milks, juices, sauces, nut butters, flours and more. We are still doing well with our healthier lifestyle changes and I am starting to feel more energy already, this cold-press will be a good addition to our kitchen.

Happy Birthday Ivrie

I can’t believe Ivrie is already 9 years old today, we are excited to celebrate all the birthdays we missed due to the pandemic whenever we are able.

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