“The Grasp”

The simple desire to crawl into a web of clear lines.

Spider webs can only continue to grow in uninterrupted spaces– in places where no one can jeopardize their growth.

Trapped within a scrambled and chaotic web, trapped as if there was no such clear lines,  that of which I would imagine a ‘picture drawing’ of a web…

Stuck— like a bug.  Soul searching and reaching for the next life lesson –

What will be beyond this web?

Living in a web that isn’t placed quite high enough to be beyond the reach of sin- it has the power to drain my life from within me- like a spider would its prey- if only I don’t plan my escape.

Exploring this web I have chosen to place myself within,  I feel a snake around my neck -choking the life I once thrived to preserve and buzzed about- right out of me…

What an intriguing snake...oh and  that is an understatement – so bold, promising, adventurous —-FuN!!!!

A serpent- VERY able and willing to sneak its way into my life at any time.

Stuck between this powerfully intricate web and the life of the snake -with it’s soon-to-be lifeless prey- in a halfway cut down web — heavily weighed by the influences of the completely corrupt.

The next layer to be shed for added material in this web may restore me to sanity… this would require taking the hard to grasp & rapidly shedding snake into my bare hands and releasing it from my neck…

The Grasp
By: Beckah

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