So Many Tough Losses

There have been many losses in the last several months. I have been grieving and mourning these losses greatly.


Tom Linn Sept 10th 1955 – Nov 7th 2020

I have been helping a friend of mine deal with the loss of her husband. I am so lucky to have Patty in my life, it breaks my heart that she is going through this, we are coping with the loss of Tom and our friend Jen the best that we can.

Tom’s Obituary


Alex Wurm May 22nd 2004 – Nov 9th 2020

A classmate of Cadence’s was unfortunately involved in a dirt bike accident, he was a junior at her school where he had many friends. He was a hard worker and a young valued person in our community.

Alex’s Obituary


Raynold Nepsund Aug 26th 1929 -Nov 27th 2020
Grandpa has been placed in the earth next to Grandma and close to my brother at Bethel Cemetery.

I am so grateful for the technology that allowed family who couldn’t be at the church to view his service, the service Grandpa had planned out himself. Due to the fact that I was positive for Covid I was, unfortunately, unable to attend his service. What a meaningful message from aunt Nancy and beautiful music from uncle Jeff and aunt Mary. Pastor Steve did great, I felt the Church shed a tear right with him from its stained glass windows. So many feels 💝

Grandpa’s Obituary


Jennifer Paustis May 6th 1984 – Dec 20th 2020

Knowing that the day written out from the last text from a friend will soon turn into a date made me totally lose it today. It is really hard to understand why such good people are taken from us so soon. Jennifer Paustis was a caring and genuine person, the best ‘give it to you straight’ no holds barred advice-giver. Kids adored Jen because she was a big kid at heart herself, Alexis definitely appreciated her animated personality. The memories we have with her will forever be cherished. Jen was an adored animal mama, daughter, sister, auntie, neighbor, coworker, and a truly unforgettable friend.


Jesse Clifton Nov 4th 1981 – Dec 22nd 2020

Jesse was so upbeat, always smiling, a genuinely good friend to many people, he is a father that is greatly loved.

Jesse’s Obituary

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