September 2006

The kids are doing well. I had quite a scare last night when Alexis coughed up blood. Turns out she had a piece of beef jerky in her throat and she was trying to get it out when it cut her throat. Her finger at the back of her throat caused her to vomit and the pieces of sharp jerky bits came out. I was panicked. She seems to be prefectly fine today.

Alexis started her school year again today. She missed getting on the bus, she seemed eager. I am trying to figure out if the public school system is the best for her right now. She seems a lot farther behind than her classmates. She is the only non-talking Autistic child in her class and that’s a bit bothersome. I want her to get the best education that suits her needs. Tonight she said “Night Night” to me and her Grandmother, it was amazing. We are so proud and amazed when we get to get hear her talk. I hope she will talk fully one day soon.

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