Sept 2004

October is coming soon I am going to be so busy with appointments and school, I am overwhelmed just thinking about it. I really hope that all this therapy for Alexis helps her to communicate and enhance her fine motor skills, I worry about her everyday. I want her to have a normal childhood. She is doing a lot better at making eye contact with Keith and I, but she just doesn’t seem to want to communicate yet. She will be having speech therapy 2 times a week, occupational therapy 1 time per week, physical therapy 1 time a week and the developmental services from the school will be seeing her 1 time a week as well. I hope it’s not too much for her. I think it’s good that we are getting her some early intervention, my hope is that she will catch up to her peers by the time she starts school. I will also still be working 3 days a week and going to school 2 days a week, my schedule book is plump full…

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