Save the pulp

When I first started juicing I used to just throw away all that pulp… But I have found so many great ways to use the pulp,  I thought I should share.

Instead of tossing it you can use fruit pulp for:

Smoothies – Add it back to your juices with ice and an extra ripe banana, avocado or mango then blend up a delicious, thick and healthy smoothie.

Popsicles – Add it back to your juices and freeze to make popsicles.

Muffins and breads – Adding pulp to your muffins and bread will provide natural sweetness and fiber.

Pies and cobblers – Use pulp to give an extra zing to these baked goods.

Use vegetable pulp for:

Veggie Quiche – Add vegetable pulp to your vegetable based pies for an extra hearty dose of vitamins and nutrients.

Casseroles – Pulp provides extra flavor and nutrients to your casseroles.

Soups and Stews – Pulp is a natural way to add thickness and extra flavor, especially when making a made from scratch soup stock.

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