Polar Plunge | Fundraising For Mn Special Olympics

I am taking the plunge on March 27th in St. Cloud, Mn to help a WONDERFUL cause- fundraising for the Minnesota Special Olympics. You can support my team “Shivering Loons”at
We will be shivering our butts off for a good cause! #PlungeMn

Birds of a feather flock together 🪶Kelsey, Colleen and I are raising money for Mn Special Olympics, which offers year-round training and services to over 8,100 athletes across the state.Our team “Shivering Loons” has raised over $400 so far!!! 💪Through athletic, health and leadership programs, Special Olympics Minnesota is creating a world that accepts and welcomes every single person regardless of ability or disability.I am $330 away from my personal fundraising goal. Help me reach my $500 goal by clicking this link or contact me in person: https://reg.plungemn.org/participant/beckaheyelove808Thanks to my Dad for 3D printing loon eyes and beaks for our hats, and to my Mom (Janet) for bringing me the beaks tomorrow so I can attach them. Check back after the plunge to see if they ‘survive the dive.’ 🥰24 days away… 🥶💦Let’s do this 🧑‍🦽🏃‍♂️⛹‍♀️🤾

No matter your donation size, you are making a difference in the lives of over 8,100 Special Olympics athletes across the state. My team ‘Shivering Loons’ will be taking the plunge March 27th. My personal fundraising goal is $500, please help me reach my goal by clicking the link below. Donations are tax deductible and can be done online or through me- if you see me and wish to support my plunge – let me know, I have donation slips on me. Thanks again everyone for the yearly support I get doing this, it’s a very important cause!

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