I want to tell you about something that is making me smile today. I was looking for a flower named Pixie online and was shown a flower called Pixie Meadowbrite- a type of Echinacea aka Coneflower. 🌸 This type of flower is one that I spent many hours learning about this year in my natural medicine courses. Before this year I didn’t know much about this beautiful flower. Echinacea has been shown to improve immunity, blood sugar, anxiety, inflammation, and skin health and so, this flower was greatly discussed in my herbalism courses. I ordered this flower to plant with our dog Pixie because we know that our time with her is very limited now. An idea popped in my head of a remembrance tattoo with this flower and her paw print. I realized though that I have already had this flower tattooed on me for many years I just never knew the name of it. Pixie Meadowbrite is a very special flower in my life now and apparently, it has been with me longer than I was even aware. #thereisnosuchthingascoincidence

Writing one of the hardest social stories for Alexis that I will ever write. 🐾

We had an appointment to put Pixie down on Monday (tomorrow) but she passed away in my arms this evening. It was one of the hardest moments of my life. I am devastated, I will miss her dearly!


My Pixie Girl- I will miss you forever 😭💔

♬ Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Conkarah

My Pixie GirlI held you in my arms and marveled at how small you were, a great bond between us quickly did occur. You lived within these walls with us as our children grew, many trials and tribulations that you were there to see us through. Such patience you have shown us even on the peculiar days, adapting in this unit that works in very special ways. A great protector you were, guarding our family with so much pride, it’ll never be the same to meander about without you right by our side. I love you Pixie girl and will miss you until the day I die, I sure hope it’s true that you’ll be there to greet me when it’s also my time to fly.


AKA Pixie, Pixilator, Pixinator, Princess 👑 We love you!!!

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