Minnesota State Fair

‘The Great Minnesota Get Together’

My sister and I enjoyed our time at the fair.  I had not been to the State Fair in so many years.

We checked out the Butterfly House, that was really neat.   It is one of the most popular attractions at the State Fair.  It only cost $3 for admission and we could stay as long as we liked.  For some reason the butterflies didn’t really want to land on us, but we got some beautiful photos of them.

Of course we had to check out one of several new rides — a giant swing called the Stratosphere — it swung around high above the fairgrounds- it was a beautiful view and the breeze helped keep us cool on this HOT HOT day 🙂

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/aVrdTnR08Kg”]

We also experienced an old State Fair favorite and took a ride on the Space Needle.  At $3 it’s one of the better values at the Fair.  The view is also quite lovely.

I had some crazy guy try to guess my age, I really thought I’d win a prize at this one, but DANG this guy was good.   He guessed it right on!

Naturally, we stopped for the famous ‘Fresh French Fries’ .  This guy has been selling fries at the fair for 37 years, he usually goes through 45,000 pounds of potatoes a day at his two “Fresh French Fries” booths. Fry sales have been sizzling for him for many years and we TOTALLY can see why- they taste SO good!

Not that I wasn’t already totally full from the fries, I still had to have some delicious sweet corn.  I guess they say a big part of going to the fair is the food.   It’s okay to be overwhelmed and kind of grossed out by all of the food choices- For example- Deep Fried Spam Curds.

I kept it pretty simple, I think.

A fan blowing millions of bubbles looked very inviting- it was a free attraction called the Mr. Bubble Foam Pit.  It is designed for kids and I may have been the oldest one in there but I couldn’t resist- it looked like so much fun- and it was, it really helped cool me off too- BONUS!

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