May 2007

Alexis has been so ‘not with me’ the past few days. Keith and I are both stressed out beyond belief with her ‘fits’

Both the girls have been really hard on us. They both have been really mischievous and unable to be satisfied. Cadence is a really big handful these days. I think it should get easier when Cadence gets a little older when we can explain things to her that she can’t understand right now. Especially things that she sees Alexis get away with, she thinks it’s ok for her to do too. I try to scold Alexis whenever she does something naughty or gets into things but I am not sure if Alexis really understands that the she is being naughty, Cadence on the other hands knows better but she doesn’t understand why Alexis gets away with similar behavior more often. It’s pretty hard to explain it to her right now, I just hope I am doing the right thing.

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