Making Yarn Dread Falls

Making yarn dread falls:

Dread Falls are temporary tie-in hair pieces that are used to achieve the look of dreadlocks without putting your hair through all of the torture of actually doing dreads. These are my yarn dread falls which are mounted on elastic ponytail holders.

To be able to wear dread fall you have to be able to put your hair into ponytails or preferably into buns.  If you can do this then you should have no problem wearing dread falls. To wear them all you do is wrap the elastic around the bun and flip the falls over to hid the bun. That’s it.


This is how I made mine- It is VERY tedious and will take a lot of patience.  It took more well over 10 hours to make these.


Supplies for making your own yarn dread falls:

– Scissors

– Yarn in your choice of color(s)

– Hair Beads (optional)

– Elastic hair bands

– Long elastic bands

– Clear elastic bands
– Flat Iron
– Spray Bottle

– A Hanger

– Something to measure and wrap the yarn around for your desired length, I used a cutting board

– Hand Towel

The number of dreadlocks you need for a fall depends on a few factors.

One factor is the type of dread. Thick dreads, lightweight dreads and wool or yarn dreads are ideal for making a dread fall because they provide a lot of volume while remaining lightweight. Thin dreads are less voluminous, so you’ll need more dreads. This will make your dread fall heavier.

Another factor is whether you want to wear one or two dread falls.

In this video I am making my yarn dread falls to be worn 1 on each side of my head (So.. 2 falls)

I made100 dreads

I put over 50 yarn dreads twisted dreads into each fall to achieve this look…

Different types of dreadlocks can also be combined in a dread fall.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/Kk4Dp7tUQxw”]

Cut the yarn to the length you want:

I wrapped the yarn around a cutting board that happened to be the length that I wanted my dreads to be.  I have seen others use a chair or table top to do this too.  Whatever works best for you.

Attaching dreadlocks to a large hairband or ribbon:

First take one dread.
Put the attachment piece of the dread over the large elastic hairband.
Then use a small elastic band/hair tie to attach the dread to the hair band.

The dread is now in a loop around the hair band or ribbon. Do this with multiple dreadlocks next to each other until your dread fall has the desired volume.

You can add accents like beads or lace to your falls to make them fuller.

Attaching the dread fall to your hair:

You can easily attach the ribbon to your ponytail or bun with a shoe knot. The hair band can be tied to your ponytail or bun just like any other hair band. Be sure the dreadlocks are on top of the ponytail or bun and not hanging down.

Tip: Do you have thin hair? And does the dread fall not have enough hold on your ponytail? Then tie the ponytail of your own hair with a thick elastic band. This gives the dread fall more hold.

Here is how I put mine in, …..see how to put them in.

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/9nisKs8vPiQ”]

Good luck!  😀

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