Life Updates & Parents Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary, unfortunately, it was in the hospital. My mom had to have emergency open-heart surgery after the doctors found blockages in her arteries. It has been a very scary experience, to say the least. I have learned so much more about the heart and how the process of a quadruple bypass works. I need to get more “heart-healthy” – I know that it runs in the family and I can lessen my chance of going through the same thing by educating myself and doing what is recommended. I discussed the prevalence of heart issues with several family members during her hospital stay, my uncle and Aunt, in particular, made me have a little wake-up call- they expressed to both my sister and me the importance of making sure our hearts are healthy. My uncle (mom’s side) was only a few years older than I am now when he went through something similar to what my mom is dealing with. I am so glad that they came to visit and educated me more, I think it made my Mom feel a lot better having someone who has been through what she just dealt with to be there and support her in healing.

My sister and I found out our Mom was having emergency heart surgery on the morning of Sept. 20th, our mom had a procedure done prior and they found a 90% blockage in her arteries and things got critical, she needed emergency surgery right away. Tina came to pick me a few hours after figuring out our plans. We were both at work and would need to figure out how we could get up north to go see her. It was a stressful time not having more answers at that time, but she and I both stayed calm while we traveled the trip to Fargo. I feel fortunate that she wasn’t farther away and we would be able to get there about the time she would be waking up. My sister and I stayed at a hotel overnight nearby and spent as much time as we could at the hospital while my mom recovered. I think my Dad was comforted greatly by us being there and I am glad that we were able to be. We are all so amazed at how well she recovered afterward, she got to go home within days but still has a long road ahead while she fully recovers. Even though my parents had to celebrate their anniversary this way, it showed me even more than ever how strong their love is for one another. I hope they have MANY more!

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