Guardianship of Alexis

We have officially completed the process of gaining guardianship of Alexis. The actual zoom court meeting was much quicker than we had anticipated.

Alexis had been in a few meetings now with attorneys prior to the hearing for guardianship. They told her all of the legalities and generally, it was pretty over her head. At the last meeting, the lady was explaining to her what it means to have us appointed as guardians and asked her if she thinks it is good for Mom and Dad to continue to make decisions on her behalf, she didn’t understand the question so I said “Alexis, do you want to keep everything the way it is now?” Alexis exclaims “NO!” I said ok what would you like to discuss, she said- “purple hair!” She really wants me to color her hair purple. LoL, it’s been a while since I bought funky hair dye, I used to color my hair as often as most people do their nail polish so I know how to do it. The problem is last time she begged for really short hair and the next day she wanted it “cut longer” I am hoping she will like it, she isn’t going to like the smell while it sits on her hair. We are going to Sally Beauty to look at hair color.

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