Got lost in the woods

Got terribly lost, but we found the cache!  🙂

Trade Show Trinkets

N 45° 12.866 W 094° 13.624

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/KRTp-3fVjp4″]
Signed the log book, left a pretty rock and took a soccer ball eraser out.  This cache needs some maintenance so I hope to go back to replace the pencil and baggie inside so others can log here still.


We found this Geocache which led us quite a ways off the path and got lost thick in the woods of Stanley Eddy Park for over 2 hours with the kids because my GPS died, we were stuck in nasty thorns and it got pitch black dark before we found the path we had ventured off from, we were still 4 miles from our car with no flashlight.  We know now that we need to ‘hunt’ more prepared than we were.   Both Keith and my phone died, we used his phone light as a flashlight until it died shortly after, his is not a smart phone so we could not GPS our way out… We heard gun shots since it is hunting season and we didn’t have bright colors on, so we tried to divert a different direction and couldn’t find our way back to the path forever without GPS. Spent over 2 hours lost as it just kept getting darker and colder out. It was an experience we won’t forget but isn’t going to stop us from searching for more!!! 😀

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