Did you know that you can find hidden treasures in your town? They are all over, even in outer space and under the sea. They are called Geocaches, they are placed all over the world, I bet there is one within walking distance from where you are right now, or a short drive away. Today Alexis helped with maintenance on a very popular cache that we placed many years ago. When you find a Geocache, remember to ALWAYS put it back where you found it so others can enjoy the find later, and remove any litter in the area. Many Geocaches have fun things inside like stickers or small toys that you can trade out, typically you will also find a pencil and logbook that you can sign, you can also log your finds online and get virtual badges (souvenirs).

Some caches have trackables inside that you can take and place into another Geocache box and see where it travels. There will be a code on the trackable that you type into GeoCaching.com to see where it has been and where it travels. We have placed some trackables that have traveled all over the world. Some Geocaches are very small, called micro caches, size of your pinky- log those finds on the website to add to your badges/souviners 🙂

My trackables

Remember the cache stays where you found it and trackables are to be placed into another cache. Happy Hunting


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