Happy Birthday Cadence!!!

We brought the kids up to Duluth, Mn.  yesterday to celebrate both of their upcoming birthdays.  Cadence is actually 8 years old TODAY!  I know it is cliché to say this but time sure does fly.  Feels like just yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital.  Alexis will be 10 in August- seriously how the heck can I have a child ALMOST  in the double digits already?!?  It’s pure craziness!!! 😀

We started out at Spirit Mountain Adventure Park.  We rode the Timber Twister down along a 3,200 foot track, through the forest, and down the mountain in individual coaster cars . We traveled in pairs, I rode with Alexis and Cadence rode with Keith.  In the coaster Keith and I had complete control of our speed (up to 26 mph) the coaster makes hairpin turns and is elevated off the ground like a roller coaster, it operates year-round due to its unique track system.  At the end of the ride down the mountain,  we just sat back and enjoyed the scenic return back to the top. It’s a six-minute journey overall all while overlooking the beautiful views of Lake Superior.

There are only four alpine coasters operating in the U.S. and this is the only one in the Midwest.  It is truly a unique attraction, I am glad that we returned again to let Alexis try it out.  We went this past March with Cadence and enjoyed the ride several times- she loved it but we weren’t sure how Alexis would react but she actually wanted to ride again once the ride was over.  We are going to have to return another time and do it with the day pass- it is really too expensive otherwise.  To ride double like we did it was $24 all together-  you can get the day pass for $60 and do the zip line, mini golf or alpine coaster many times and stay much longer.  Much better deal than paying each time, but since we didn’t have much time and didn’t know if Alexis would enjoy it, it was best for us to do it this way this time 🙂

After we stopped at Spirit Mountain we headed to our hotel.  We stayed at The Edgewater Resort and Waterpark- unfortunately there were issues with the waterpark – the lazy river and water slides were not available to us.  The kids started out playing in the bouncy house and ventured into the outdoor pool, due to the heat we quickly moved inside to the indoor waterpark.

Later the kids enjoyed some arcade time.  Keith won BIG on the ball drop game, he got the huge Jackpot- the kids left with lots of goodies from just that one coin, his very first coin might I add~  Way to go Dad!


When we stayed at Edgewater back in March,  there was an issue with the pool then as well so we had received a free night stay- this visit was making use of that free pass.   Well, ONCE again we got coupons to come and stay another time at a highly discounted price due to the pool issues this time-  I guess we will be returning soon, before the coupons expire.  I can’t complain- we always have a good time in Duluth, even if it’s just a very short stay, let’s just hope next time around we can make 100% full use of the waterpark.  3rd time’s the charm, right? 😉

~HaPpY bIrThDaY~
Cadence Elyse XoXo!!!


~Make a wish~

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