Alexis was asking me for medicine today, I asked her if she feels sick, she said “no, the sky is very sick.” I asked her who needs medicine, she said “the sky is sick with Coronavirus and needs some medicine.” 🤔 We have been telling her that there is illness in the air and we have to be flexible about the changes in our lives. I wish life could be recovered from all of this chaos going on with such a simple remedy. ❤

Alexis makes me think and what I’ve learned so much from her is that sometimes things really are simple to fix but we often think too into everything and make it way more complicated than it needs to be. She is trying to comprehend all of this change and is doing so well accepting everything – she is wondering about our future, it’s hard not to have answers for her. We write many social stories a day. I wish I had answers for her. I have to be creative and sometimes make things up just to The legal process of gaining guardianship of Alexis has begun. Not much is going to change once she turns 18 but it is emotional for to me see all the legal verbiage about her inabilities and to sign papers saying she isn’t able to care for herself as an adult. 🥺 I want to focus on her abilities instead but this is part of the legal process. We hope that we continue to have the same or similar resources as she gets older as we have had for her as a child help her feel at ease. 💗

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