April 2012

Really difficult morning with Alexis again. We meet with the school staff and her special ed team this week to determine whether public school is still the best option for Alexis- she has been acting out – it’s getting absolutely out of control, it’s very hard to handle her lately! #BreaksMyHeart :'(
I wish she’d start behaving. It’s so hard right now- I don’t even know what to do. 🙁
It is definitely due to the season changes, I literally had to sit on her, hold her down with Keiths help and still struggled to get her to put pants on today instead of shorts. It was pure chaos and took every ounce of energy I had in me just to get her off to school. She was not a happy girl when she arrived, I just hope she has a better day today than she has been having, her paras have expressed a great deal of distress. I’m at a loss for words, I keep finding myself asking ‘what next?’
She was on a ‘soft pants’ kick for most of the school year and it was going really well but she will not wear them now, and she will not wear tights. Her para from school just called me a few minutes ago, she is having a very bad afternoon. They have Alexis in solitaire again for her aggressive behavior. We brainstormed some ideas over the phone about how we can change the behavior, she seems to not want to do anything that she is asked to do, even things that she normally really loves doing. We are meeting tomorrow to see if we can get a plan together, her special ed teacher gets pulled away from her other students when all her time has to be spent trying to deal with Alexis’ bad behavior. They are going to have a behaviorist come in and observe her to see if she might have some suggestions before we make any permanent decisions. If we do decide to attempt keeping her at Maple Lake Elementary they will need to make their resources available just to hire extra staff to help the special ed team out. Another option, that I would like to avoid- would be putting her into a special school in Buffalo for kids with behavioral issues and physical aggression. She is always more difficult to handle at the end of the school year than at the beginning, we are certain it is due to the weather being so nice where she simply does not want to be there- she gets into summer vacation mode, this year however- the bad behavior is much more extreme than the previous years and I don’t wanna even begin to describe the behavior, but believe me when I say- it has become unmanageable.
I just set up an appointment to meet a social worker on Friday morning, I am looking into Family Centered Behavioral Intervention, that is having a Behavior Analysts come to our home a couple times per week to help us generate solutions to her problem behavior. I also plan to talk to the social worker about getting a PCA started soon and help with getting occupational therapy equipment for our home that might help Alexis this summer.
Alexis could really use a diet change, she doesn’t have a very big variety of healthy foods in her diet. She’s very picky.
We’re looking into what the county has to offer us for more options, we are also getting her back with her old occupational therapist, with all of these additional people helping, we should be on the right track in no time. She was very good tonight for us – we had fun making balloon animals :)We tried the cf/gf diet when she was younger and she would hardly eat anything, it was not good for her.
We decided at her meeting yesterday that Alexis will be observed by a behavior analyst while at school, she will give her ideas to the staff as to what will be the best way to deal with her behaviors after observing her for several days. For now, rather than focusing on her academics the staff will be focusing on fixing the behaviors that are stopping her from having a productive day at school.

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