30 Day No Alcohol Challenge

Tomorrow is the big day!

I am going to be completing the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge.

I know that this will have great health benefits, and ultimately lead to a way of life that’s less reliant on the bad habit of drinking. The hardest part for me will be abandoning set habits, like having a beer after work.  I need to remember that if the challenge is met, there will be rewards to be reaped.

Did you know…Having just one or two drinks at night can disturb the amount of sleep you will get, as the body doesn’t get the proper rest it needs when there is alcohol present.

It’s also difficult for the liver to digest alcohol, and 30 days without it can help this vital organ recover from previous alcohol damage. Finally, excessive alcohol consumption leads to acid reflux, a condition that is alleviated when a person cleanses their body of alcohol.

Completing the Alcohol-Free April challenge will benefit me in so many ways!
Having just one beer can cloud a person’s judgement, but people that stop drinking generally feel like their head is in a better place once they have alcohol out of their system.

Going 30 days without impairing any brain cells is an excellent way to regain peace of mind.

Join me! Alcohol Free April ~ 30 Day Alcohol Free Challenge


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