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I was able to get Alexis enrolled in the Mn Medical Cannabis program today. I am very hopeful that this will reduce her recent increase of self-harming behaviors and constant distress. I believe that it will also provide some relief from her anxieties and obsession with controlling every little thing in her environment. Our family is ready to be alleviated from some of the stress these behaviors bring too. I have faith that this will work! 🙏

She got 1 small bottle of a cbd/thc liquid combo (heather) and 2 larger bottles of just thc liquid (tangerine). We will only do 1 ml of the heather RX 2x per day for 2 weeks then reassess from there as needed. The pharmacist had me get the 2 other bottles so the price would get me to the discount but we aren’t going to use the ‘tangerine’ on her to start out. So without the discount, we are looking at about $40 per month if she stays on the low dose.

Week 1: (4/2-4/9)
We are gradually going to work up to 2ml and see what she needs. On day 2 I already got an email from her teacher at school stating that they are seeing a difference in behavior, I also got a message from one of her paras saying she sees a “night and day” difference in Alexis’ behavior. I am hopeful that this will continue. On 4/8 we tried the higher 2ml dose and Alexis said it was too much, she ended up taking a nap, we will cut back down to the 1 ml dose.

Week 2: (4/10-4/17)
This week she has been given 1 ml Heather twice a day (10 MG total per day) of .50% CBD and .50% THC. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with this herbal oil, it has made an incredible difference in behavior. We are noticing Alexis is calmer, generally happier, and less agitated resulting in nearly zero incidences of self-injurious behaviors this past week. Her scalp is actually healing. She is taking her time to slow down and communicate with me more. I am over the moon excited that this is working so well for her.

Week 3 (4/18 – 4/25)
Alexis had a couple days of escalated behaviors at home and also reported escalated behavior at school earlier this week so we upped her dose to 1.5ml (4/19) and that does seem to be working out. Even with the couple of off days she has still been doing incredibly well.

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