I have been doing freelance Web Design since 2002. I obtained my Associate’s Degree in Web Design & Development from MN School Of Business in 2005. If you are looking to have a website built for you or your business, let me know how I can help you. http://webdesign.pipenhagen.net

My daughter, Alexis was diagnosed with Autism in 2005. With that diagnosis came desperation for answers about why autism rates are rising, fears about her prospects in adulthood, and also great pride in watching her develop and overcome many obstacles. I like to blog about Autism, Mental Health, Veganism, Food Recipes, and Animal Welfare.

Cruelty-Free Living
Animal Rights
Music: Particularly Rock
Autism Education
Vintage Glamour
Mushroom Hunting

Inspirational People
Daniel Tammet
Carl Sagan
Michael Greger
Mimi Kirk
Kim Peek
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