December 20th 2006

After 3 days of evaluation and testing we gathered with a social worker and a few of the pediatric physicians that worked with Alexis during our 3 day stay. We connected using a conference call to Alexis’ private Speech and private OT (Occupational Therapist) including her school OT. In this final meeting we discussed the

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December 2006

Today we are going to be heading to our hotel in Rochester. I am really happy that we have finally gotten the opportunity to get Alexis into see a good group of highly recommended doctors. We have been on ‘the appointment list’ for well over 9 months. She will go through 3 days of testing

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Alexis has been putting together a weird sequence of letters: AOXCMYST. I am puzzled as to what it could mean. The last time she was fixated on writing this sequence: 590N63808. We figured out that it was SPONGEBOB written with numbers. Hopefully we will be able to figure out this new “code” sequence. It’s kinda

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September 2006

The kids are doing well. I had quite a scare last night when Alexis coughed up blood. Turns out she had a piece of beef jerky in her throat and she was trying to get it out when it cut her throat. Her finger at the back of her throat caused her to vomit and

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August 2006

I am reading: Emergence Labeled Autistic by Temple Grandin, it’s such a great book and gives great insight to what Autism feels like. Alexis seems to really be working against me, especially my cleaining. Cadence is showing me what the ‘terrible 2s’ are all about. I wonder if it would have been like if Alexis

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June 2006

The kids stayed at my parents the whole time we were in Utah, they took several trips to Keith’s parents during the evenings (our parents are next door neighbors) They had a lot of fun swimming, going for walks and being totally spoiled. Alexis even went potty in her potty chair for my Mom 2

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April 2006

We have been doing our same routine of Speech and school on Mondays, OT & Keith Works on Tuesdays School Wed, ECFC comes out 1 time a month on thursday and Keith works, Both keith and I work friday, I work Saturday and we both work Sunday.

March 2006

Alexis has been vocalizing “O” for Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O, this is great progress I feel. She has also become a little gymnast. She likes doing flips and is much less scared of being off her feet. I am hoping we can get her into a KidGym, I am only worried that she

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Jan 2006

Alexis continues to impress us everyday with the new things she learns at school and therapy. She has become a great typer and can pretty much type any word that she see’s. She also has taken a slight interest in math. We have to wait and see how that progresses. It’s hard to believe how

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Nov 2005

Alexis is typing words and knows her letters and alphabet. We are really proud of her. Her therapy is helping as well as the addition to vitamin b6 and magnesium in her diet. She is trying to be vocal but nothing is making any sense yet. Hopefully she starts talking this year, 3 years old

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Oct 2005

Alexis is having some bad days at school because of lack of sleep but we are working on getting that under control. Cadence is walking around like a pro now and loves playing with her big sister. Alexis started her new OT sessions in Buffalo and that will be very beneficial for her.

March 2005

Alexis got denied after I wrote that appeal to our insurance so now we must figure out a different route for her treatment. I was really upset about it for a while.

Feb 2005

We haven’t heard back yet from our insurance company about Alexis but we are still hopeful that she will be accepted for her treatment by mid march. The diet is going fairly well, she doesnt seem to mind the new foods. Other than that the kids are just being kids.

Jan 2005

Mondays will be speech for Alexis. Tuesdays consist of OT and PT therapy for Alexis in the morning. Thursdays the ECFE come from the school district to work with Alexis. Hopefully pretty soon Alexis will be starting the Holland center and that will toss our whole routine out of whack. But it will be good

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Dec 2004

Other than that not much new is going on. Just waiting to find out more about the Holland Center, hopefully Alexis will be starting there by January. All of her test results came back normal so thats a plus. Now we just gotta sit back and wait for our insurance to kick in. Alexis got

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