Pro + Cons 30 Days Raw Till 4

Keith and I have been following the Raw Till 4 lifestyle for 30 days now.Β  If you don’t know what RT4 is, you can learn more here:



  • Better overall mood
  • Clothing fits better
  • Softer skin
  • Better complection
  • Experiencing new foods
  • Good energy
  • Learning a lot along the way
  • Rid ourselves of bad habits
  • More Focused
  • General feeling of wellness
  • We feel better about spending more money for healthier whole foods and our children are benefiting as well.


  • We were really excited for a local coffee and bagel joint to open for so long, it will be opening soon and now we have no reason to go there.
  • Going out to eat and finding low fat, low sodium, vegan options in next to impossible, however we have a gift card to our favorite restaurant that we want to use for our 40 day “splurge” dinner, we want to try vegetarian fajitas in very little oil, it is ok to reasonably splurge once in a while as long as we are doing what we can to keep the sodium and fat low and always keeping it 100% vegan.
    We haven’t had any issue with bringing our own food to places and friends/family gatherings however, at first this was a little something to get used to and was hard when we we’re still craving the food around us, the cravings for salty and fatty foods has subsided greatly.
  • Veganism is very uncommon in the area that we live.Β  We often have to travel quite a distance to get certain foods and it can be quite spendy produce, we find it to be about equal to what our previous costs for coffee, alcohol and processed foods were.

We are only on 30 days, we have a lot to learn yet that will likely make these minor ‘cons’ obsolete.