Robert Ney Memorial Park Reserve

A combination of marsh and forest occupiesΒ 846 acres and provides varied wildlife habitat.Β  Ney Park includes a memorial chapel, a picnic area, access to Lake Mary with a dock,Β nine total miles of trails, including designated trails for hiking, skiing, skijoring [a winter sport where a person on skis is pulled by a horse, a motor

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I am fortunate to know some very talented people in the fashion world. Clothing Designer Rachel from R.A.W. Designs: Fashion Show- Minnesota Tile Festival [youtube_sc url=””] R.A.W. Designs Retro Sexy Photo Shoot Photographer: Designer: Make-Up and Hair: Melanie Rivers Her Portfolio: ()  

If I could help write a constitution

My very own country to shape…   People in our country will be allowed to sell and buy legal products at prices they feel suitable, which will be taxed. Government taking away products that consumers demand will not be allowed, it only causes black market trade and sales, and can be very dangerous. ie; prohibition,

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