Shots anyone?!?

Shots of collards greens, freshly picked apples and beet juice πŸ˜€ It’s actually really tasty if you add few extra ripe bananas in after you juice the beets, apples and collard greens. Serve chilled! You can see how thick with nutrients that the collard greens contain while juicing them: [youtube_sc url=”″] Benefits: Beet Juice- Beet

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Making Yarn Dread Falls

Making yarn dread falls: Dread Falls are temporary tie-in hair pieces that are used to achieve the look of dreadlocks without putting your hair through all of the torture of actually doing dreads. These are my yarn dread falls which are mounted on elastic ponytail holders. To be able to wear dread fall you have

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Sheradise Therapeutics Foundation

Alexis will be going weekly for one-on-one Hippotherapy sessions with her therapist. Each session lasting about 60 minutes.Β  Long and short term goals are set, treatment plans are written and weekly progress notes charted. Alexis just completed her first 45 minute session of Hippotherapy, she did incredible.Β  She rode a horse named Dudley Do, he

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Happy Birthday Cadence!!!

We brought the kids up to Duluth, Mn.Β  yesterday to celebrate both of their upcoming birthdays.Β  Cadence is actually 8 years old TODAY!Β  I know it is clichΓ© to say this but time sure does fly.Β  Feels like just yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital.Β  Alexis will be 10 in August-

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10th Anniversary

Today is a reflection of 10 years gone by, and foresight of the next 10 years . My husband and I first met about 15 years ago,Β  I remember falling head over heals in love with him the moment I set my eyes on him.Β  I knew we would be married one day- I wasn’t

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Waking Life

I love this movie, it really gets you thinking about life.Β  It is about a man shuffling through a dream meeting various people, discussing the meanings and purposes of the universe and life. Β “Dream is Destiny” [youtube_sc url=”″]

Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment is a 1981 musical-black comedy film and a follow-up to the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. While not an outright sequel, the movie does feature several characters from the movie portrayed by different actors and several Rocky Horror actors portraying new characters.   “The sun never sets on those who ride into

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Rocky Horror Picture Show

Though it didn’t initially do well in theaters, the film gained popularity after a midnight showing at New York’s Waverly Theater, after which people began the tradition of dressing up and creating their own interactive experience. I personally have enjoyed a live performance or two in the Twin Cities.Β  Such fun!!       Tim

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Pieces of April

I really LOVE quirky, independent, true-to-life movies WAY more than the big action blockbusters. You could feel the awkwardness and feel like you can relate to April’s struggle to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for her dysfunctional family. Β  “I’m a vegetarian, I understand.” [youtube_sc url=””]

Independence Day

Today we celebrate freedom -thanks to those who came before. Those brave men who fought and died in each and every war. Freedom always comes at a price, and while we celebrate, we should tip our hats to the heroes who made our country great.     g              

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Mary and Max

β€œMary and Max” is an unusual, hard-to-describe movie- Mary Daisy Dinkle, is a lonely 8 year old girl with an absentee father and an overbearing monster for a mother.Β  Mary goes thumbing through a post office phone book, chooses a random name – Max Jerry Horovitz of New York – and sends him a letter,

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