Food Labels

  “All Natural” was the second most common claim made on new food products in 2008. Unfortunately, both the FDA and USDA have vague rules about this phrase, and have let manufacturers that incorrectly use this claim remain in the marketplace. Products like Hunt’s Tomato Sauce and “All Natural” Snapple Tea contain citric acid as

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Creating Juice

I made juice with a few items from my garden today.                   Collard Greens, Beets- stems & all, and some snap peas.  It wasn’t as sweet as some of the other juices I make but it was a healthy little glass of vitamins. #30DaysOfCreativity

I spy…

…with my little eye, Red / White & Blue 😀                           #30DaysOfCreativity

Harold and Maude

[youtube_sc url=””] From the opening scene, in which we see a young man dispassionately and efficiently hang himself from a ceiling rafter while his mother bustles past his swinging body and gives him a swift telling off, it’s clear that we are in for a ride 🙂 While pulling the viewer into a touching love

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“The Grasp”

The simple desire to crawl into a web of clear lines. Spider webs can only continue to grow in uninterrupted spaces– in places where no one can jeopardize their growth. Trapped within a scrambled and chaotic web, trapped as if there was no such clear lines,  that of which I would imagine a ‘picture drawing’

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I keep trying…

For years I have wanted to be able to french braid my own hair- it never really works out.  I keep trying. 🙂                     #30DaysOfCreativity

Heart Shaped Glasses

    _____________________________________________________ ♪ Don’t break Don’t break my heart And I won’t break your heart-shaped glasses

Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Adapted from the hit off-Broadway musical of the same name, Hedwig and the Angry Inch is the tale of an “internationally ignored” rock & roll singer who hails from Communist Berlin and who dreams of becoming an American sensation. Hedwig (John Cameron Mitchell), born a boy named Hansel, is raised by a single mother (Alberta

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Apps for Ipad

These are the Apps that I want to get for Alexis:   All About Me– $2.99 All About Me is an application offering picture and text support to individuals learning their personal information. Twelve icons representing the child’s name, address, birthday, home address, telephone number, family members names, pets, school, friends, favorite items, things I

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